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The highly anticipated new book by Dave Creamer is now available on Google Play!


In The Hidden Symmetry of 43 Octatonic Scales and 43 Tetrachords, Creamer provides an extensive explanation and analysis of his system of octatonic (eight-note) harmonizations and melodic organization as well as a series of exercises, complete musical examples and original compositions utilizing the system. While the book includes the diminished scale and all of the eight-note bebop scales, Creamer goes well beyond their traditional use in a jazz context and introduces a vast new musical language where all eight notes are utilized as scale tones creating thousands of chord combinations, tonal colors and melodic possibilities that can be used by improvisers and composers in any musical context for generating new ideas and expanding traditional harmonic and melodic approaches. Guitarists will also benefit from the inherit symmetrical fingerings of the system (eight-notes-per-two-strings) as well as full tablature for all examples have been provided.


Much more than a series of possible mathematical combinations, the book is presented as a complete system, and while a thorough theoretical framework is presented for contextual understanding, the music is first and foremost the focus of the work as articulated in the book’s Foreward by Tuck Andress. Perhaps not since George Russell’s book, Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization, has a book had such tremendous potential for modern composers and musicians.


"Dave was simply doing what he does, making amazing and sublime music out of unusual resources, full rhythmic, harmonic and textural interest. Despite his title "The hidden Symmetry...," what really excited him was the "The Hidden Music."


The entire, amazing Foreword by Tuck Andress can be read here...



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